Preparation for Foundation of Korean Studies Hub in Central Eurasia Area

Jeong E. (Executive), Cho H., Çoruk A. Ş., Kahriman Özdemir M., Son Y., Hwang S., et al.

Project Supported by Public Organizations in Other Countries, 2018 - 2021

  • Project Type: Project Supported by Public Organizations in Other Countries
  • Begin Date: June 2018
  • End Date: May 2021

Project Abstract

1. Project Objectives

"We will provide a basic infrastructure to build a hub for expanding the international base of Korean studies in Istanbul, a center of Eurasian history, culture and geography."

The project team plans for the three-year business agenda to become "the basis for establishing a Korean Studies hub in the Eurasia Central Region". To achieve this, five or more Korean Studies students will be dispatched to Korea each year to foster outstanding next-generational students- who have had practical experience in Korean and Korean culture- while pursuing curriculum reform and the establishment of a graduate school, allowing a systematic infrastructure of Korean Education. In addition, we will organize international academic events to establish a foundation for the exchange of Korean Studies in the Central Eurasian region (East and West Europe, Balkans, Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa). The academic events include: an invitation workshop for Korean Studies experts, international academic conferences for professional Korean studies researchers and university students, and a Korean cultural contest for overseas Korean Studies students. In addition, the publication of major academic journals through presentations of international conferences and general papers will be prepared. Through all these preparations, the establishment of the institute of Korean Studies will eventually provide the foundation for the hub of Korean studies.

2. Expected Effects

“As a cradle of Korean studies in the Central Eurasian region, it will lead the expansion of Korean Studies and globalization as the center of academic exchanges.”

If this research project is carried out faithfully for a period of three years, this project team will have all the requirements as the center of Korean studies in the central Eurasian region. First of all, we will establish a systematic Korean education for 5 years and a master's and doctoral course in Korean literature which will continue to attract and cultivate outstanding Korean Studies researchers, as the cradle of Korean Studies. It will be a base for cultivating numerous outstanding students in the Eurasia Central Area who are keen on Korean Studies, fostering them as competent Korean scholars in their countries. This means that the Department of Korean Language and Literature at the University of Istanbul will become the center of Korean studies in the Central Eurasian region. Also, the international conferences and international student contests organized by the project team in February and the 'Korean Culture Week’ held in October will be regularly held, and major academic journals will be published to share the results of these Korean studies. If a Korean Studies Institute is established as a center of academic research through the planning and promoting of various international exchange events and research projects, the potential of Istanbul will eventually flow out as the center of Korean Studies begins to connect Europe and Asia,

3. Content of Project

"The all-rounding projects such as the reorganization of the curriculum, the holding of regular international exchange events, and the establishment of graduate schools and research institutes, will contribute to the improvement of the Korean Studies hub."

As a world-leading Korean education and research institute, the project team has set its goals on education, research, and international exchange activities for the enhancement of the institute. In the course of the three-year project period, the project team will: conduct a total of 58 Korean Studies courses, hire one full-time faculty member, provide 15 Korean Studies scholarships, 3 Korean Studies specialist workshops, 3 international academic conferences, 1 international student conference for college students, 2 college students' cultural contests, start an institute for Korean Studies and the Korean Language and Literature Graduate School, and publish 6 academic papers (KCI and up)- 5 books on customized Korean studies- a total of three institute journal publications. This will be an unparalleled achievement in the performance of a single research project, and the efforts of all researchers to achieve this outcome- which will exceed all expectations- will be executed.