A Comparative Study on the Idiot Folktales of Korea and Turkey

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Kahriman Özdemir M., Cho H., Son Y. (Executive)

Project Supported by Public Organizations in Other Countries, 2018 - 2019

  • Project Type: Project Supported by Public Organizations in Other Countries
  • Begin Date: May 2018
  • End Date: April 2019

Project Abstract

This study focus on suggesting a way of studying literature that can be a cultural and emotional foundation for strengthening the exchanges between Korea and Turkey through the foundation of empathy called 'story'. Korea and Turkey refer to each other as "Brother Country". Beside Turkey's friendly perception about Korea, it is unbalanced in Korea. If this unilateral friendship continues, it will be impossible to know how long Turkey's favor will continue about Korea. As a literary researcher, we have been working on a study to promote mutual understanding between two countries, to strengthen the level of academic exchanges and to create an emotional empathy base.

The most relevant purpose of this research is the 'story' of both countries. The story makes to connote the universal answers to the human life and to access answers easily. In addition, the narrative leads to empathy for a deeper level than the words of logical persuasion, and to a change of life.

In this study, we will try compare "the fool stories" which can be accessed easily among the stories that have been handed down throughout Korea and Turkey for a long time. So we can deeply understand the emotional prototypes of the two countries and strengthen the foundation of empathy. Especially  <Three-foot rope> of Korea and  <Keloğlan Stories> of Turkey overturns human perception of 'abnormal man' and 'stupid man' in depth. Thereby questions raise what "true humanity" is. Therefore, it will be the best way to examine the folktale awareness of the humanity by the fool stories of two countries.

In addition, this study will be a good opportunity to introduce methodology of Korean literature on Turkey. In addition to strong oral literary traditions, Turkey has a strong oral transmission culture about traditional stories. There is a high reliance on recorded stories in the literature. But there is no interest in establishing a foundation for the study of oral literature by oral literary materials. The stories of oral tradition become a key discriminating qualification of the meaning of the variation that occurs in the process of tradition. So we can say the accumulation of original data will be base of literature studies through field research.

This study, which will be used as a basic data of comparative analysis and accumulating the oral source data by the actual lecturer through the field research on <Keloğlan Stories>, will be an opportunity to inform the Turkish literature writers about the systematic field research methodology of Korea and its necessity and utility. This study will be an opportunity for the globalization of Korean Studies in a methodological way that spreads the research methodology of Korea and promotes mutual exchange between the researchers of both countries, in addition to the original purpose of building emotional consensus of the two countries through story research.