Turkish - German Relations and Cultural Transfer

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Ozil S. N. Ş.(Executive), Şenöz Ayata C., Karakuş M., Kayaoğlu E., Sunar H. Ş.

TUBITAK Project, 2009 - 2012

  • Project Type: TUBITAK Project
  • Begin Date: April 2009
  • End Date: May 2012

Project Abstract

The project entitled “Turkish -German Relations and Cultural Transfer” seeks to explore how interactions between Turkey and Germany reciprocally influence each other and how these influences can be used as tools in intercultural communication, especially in the publicly often cited so-called integration process of people of Turkish descent living in Germany, but also in any other Turkish - German encounter. A special focus will be on the often neglected impacts of Turkish - German re-migrants or German inhabitants in Turkey. 

Main research is done in the fields of cultural theory, literature, language/linguistics and media. 

Following aspects are within the scope of the project: 

- explore what a fruitful mediation in conflict situations could look like, and how cultural products like literature and media could contribute here 

- identify and document the main current issues in Turkish-German relations by considering power balances, not only focusing on Turkish migration to Germany but also on re-migration of Turkish-Germans to Turkey and Germans living in Turkey or visiting for business or any other reason. 

- reflect and modify existing theories of culture and intercultural communication in the light of existing agreements or disagreements in Turkish-German encounters and their representation in Turkish-German cultural production. 

For these purposes international conferences were organised, yearbooks, journals with topics and papers were presented, articles were published, postgraduate courses are opened and theses were written. All these activities gave chance not only to the established experts on their fields but also to the postgraduate students and young researchers to present their research outcomes on an international platform. 


Turkish - German, Cultural Contact, Cultural Transfer, Intercultural Relations, Migration, Integration, Intercultural Literature, Language, Media