Oil Spill along the Turkish Straits Sea Area; Accidents, Environmental Pollution,Socio-Economic Impacts and Protection

Ünlü V. S. (Editor), Alpar Ş. B. (Editor), Öztürk B. (Editor)

Turkish Marine Research Foundation (Tudav), İstanbul, 2018

  • Publication Type: Book / Other Book
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • Publisher: Turkish Marine Research Foundation (Tudav)
  • City: İstanbul
  • Istanbul University Affiliated: Yes


The Turkish Straits Sea Area (TSSA) is a long water passage that is consisted of the Sea of Marmara, an inland sea within Turkey's borders, and two narrow straits connected to neighboring seas. With a strategic location between the Balkans and Anatolia, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and dominated by the continental climate, the region hosted many civilizations throughout the centuries. This makes the region among the busiest routes in the world, with sea traffic three times higher than that in the Suez Canal. The straits are the most difficult waterways to navigate and witnessed many hazardous and important collisions and accidents throughout history. In addition, this area has vital roles as a biological corridor and barrier among three distinctive marine realms. Therefore, the region is rather sensitive to damages of national and international maritime activities, which may cause severe environmental problems. This book addresses several key questions on a chapter basis, including historical accidents, background information on main dynamic restrictions, oil pollution, oil spill detection, and clean-up recoveries, its impacts on biological communities, socioeconomic aspects and subjects with international agreements.This book will help readers, public, local and governmental authorities gain a deeper understanding of the status of the oil spill, mostly due to shipping accidents, and their related impacts along the TSSA, which needs precautionary measures to be protected.