Floods and their likely impacts on ecological environment in the Bolaman River Basin (Ordu, Turkey)

TUROĞLU H., Dölek İ.

Research Journal of Agricultural Science, vol.43, no.4, pp.167-173, 2011 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Floods, causing inundation, frequently occur in the Bolaman River basin. In this study, flood risk zonation and impacts of inundation on ecological environment were investigated in the Bolaman River basin. Inundation risk zonation was carried out using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies. When results were overlayed with landcover data of the study area, it was seen, that the settlement and agricultural areas in the study area will be affected by floods. Also, ecological environmental problems, such as water and soil pollutions, agricultural soil erosion, agricultural land degredations causing flood sediments as well as the ecological deterioration on living environment of natural flora and fauna will be caused by floods in the Bolaman River basin.