The Symbiotic Relationship: Professional Organizations and Collegiality in Conference Interpreting

Özkaya Marangoz E.

in: Contemporary TranslationStudies Bridging Cultures, Technologies and Societies, Evren Barut, Editor, Çizgi Kitabevi, İstanbul, pp.46-54, 2023

  • Publication Type: Book Chapter / Chapter Research Book
  • Publication Date: 2023
  • Publisher: Çizgi Kitabevi
  • City: İstanbul
  • Page Numbers: pp.46-54
  • Editors: Evren Barut, Editor
  • Istanbul University Affiliated: Yes


The Symbiotic Relationship: Professional Organizations and Collegiality in Conference Interpreting


This work explores the pivotal role of professional organizations and collegiality within the specialized domain of conference interpreting. Conference interpreting stands as a unique profession, demanding unparalleled linguistic and cognitive skills, and it thrives on continuous learning and collaboration. Professional organizations dedicated to conference interpreting offer interpreters invaluable opportunities for networking, skill refinement, and knowledge sharing. Through conferences, workshops, and publications, these organizations provide interpreters access to the latest industry trends, cutting-edge technology, and research in the field. Membership in such organizations not only fosters career growth but also encourages interpreters to take on leadership roles and actively contribute to the advancement of the profession. Collegiality among conference interpreters is characterized by a spirit of mutual support, information exchange, and collaboration. This collaborative environment not only enhances interpreters; problem-solving abilities but also promotes interdisciplinary cooperation and cultural sensitivity, which are essential aspects of successful interpreting practice. This article demonstrates how professional organizations serve as catalysts for the development of collegial relationships, and conversely, how collegiality enhances an interpreters engagement with these organizations. This article will dwell upon the semi-constructed interviews conducted with 5 conference interpreters about the notion of collegiality and the importance of a Professional organization. Through an elaboration of a number of notions mentioned by the five conference interpreters interviewed to the questions posed, this article underscores the indispensable synergy between professional organizations and collegiality in the context of conference interpreting. It highlights their combined impact on career advancement, job satisfaction, and the overall quality of interpreting services. In conclusion, this research underscores the pivotal role of Professional organizations and collegiality in shaping successful and fulfilling careers for conference interpreters in a dynamic and demanding professional landscape.

Key words: Collegiality, conference interpreting, professional organization, symbiotic relationship.