Türkiye’de Faaliyet Gösteren Kamu Bankaları, Özel Sermayeli Bankalar ve Yabancı Bankaların Performanslarının 2002-2007 Döneminde Temel Bileşenler ve Faktör Analizi İle Değerlendirilmesine İlişkin Bir Uygulama

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Yücel L.

Yönetim ve Ekonomi Araştırmaları Dergisi, no.12, pp.118-138, 2009 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Banking sector is the biggest component of Turkish Financial System. Since

2005, by increasing foreign sellings and associations in the banking sector, the weight

of foreign portion was augmented. Alienation of Turkish Banks has affirmative and

unfavorable effects. Positive effects are; matching international banking standarts, accessing

to foreign sources easily, increasing credit opportunities of foreign banks and

transperancy in financial reports. Despite all useful additions of alienation to Turkish

Banking Sector, foreign portion have to be limited in order to keep national identity of

Turkish Banks.In this study performance evaluation of twenty four banks in Türkiye was made

by using principal component analysis and factor analysis with nine teen variables about

banking sector. (three of them are public capitalized, ten of them are private capitalized

and eleven of them are foreign banks built in Türkiye) . 2002-2007 period was taken

into account. Foreign banks which have agencies in Türkiye and Development Banks

were uncovered in this study.