The Concept of Family in Islam and its Status

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Tırabzon A.

مجلة الاجتهاد للدراسات القانونية والاقتصادية, vol.8, no.2, pp.10-41, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Summary Islamic law is characterized by its coverage of all aspects of life, and it is not confined to its rules concerning man as an individual; it is also concerned with his relations with others, with his family, with his community and his surroundings. As the family is one of the most important pillars of society and its foundations, there are numerous sources indicating the status and importance of family and its impact on the behavior of individuals and society . Islam gave the family great care. It surrounded family with a strong fence, and made it a distinct system protecting from the strife it is object to all the time. The family is the fortified fortress of the society which is the most important pillar of society. The society contains a group of families that are connected with each other by the bond of love, and the strength and weakness of society is measured by the strength and weakness of the family. This research is intended to introduce the most important principles and rules brought by the wise sharīʿa, which was the reason for the protection of the individual and the society from deviation. These principles and rules provide a remedy for the social problems that these societies face. We do not claim to study everything related to the family in sharīʿa, we rather restricted the topic with the theoretical principles in relation to family . We have seen that some of the research findings explain some of the definitions of the subject, as well as the concept of the family and its status in some societies earlier before Islam, so that the comparison becomes clear and shows the clear difference between the comprehensive and fair Islamic legislation and the concept of family in other societies.

Key words: Family, Islamic community, Marriage, Women, Rights and Duties 

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  • يتعيز القابون اإلاالعي بتغطيته لاعيع اوابب الحياة وال يقتصر على قواعده العتةلقة باإلباان كفرد؛ كعا أبه اهتم بةالقا، الفرد عع اآلخرين وعع أارته وعع عاتعةه وعحيطه وبعا أن األارة هي واحدة عن أهم ركائز العاتعع وأاايا فيباك الةديد عن العصادر التي تشير سلى وضع األارة وأهعيتيا وتأثيرها على الوك األفراد والعاتعع. يةطي اإلاالم الةائلة عباية كبيرة وياةليا ا ً بظاع ا ً عتعيز يحعي الةالم باعتبارها الحصن الحصين للعاتعع. ييدف هذا البحث سلى تقديم أهم العبادئ والقواعد التي وضةتيا الشريةة الحكيعة والتي كاب، الابب في حعاية الفرد والعاتعع عن االبحراف. هذه العبادئ والقواعد توفر ا ً عالا للعشاكل االاتعاعية التي توااييا هذه العاتعةا،.
  • الكلمات المفتاحية األارة العاتعع اإلاالعي الزواج العرأة الحقوق والواابا،