Development of Korean education program for immigrant women using elementary school Korean

Son Y.

Journal of Korean Studies in Central Eurasia, vol.1, pp.87-132, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


This study was conducted to learn how marriage immigrant women

can improve their Korean language skills while performing their role

as parents. For this purpose, it was intended to use elementary school

Korean textbooks as textbooks for Korean education targeting married

immigrant women. Of course, there are many Korean textbooks out

now, and ones that can be used by married immigrant women are

being distributed sufficiently. However, the focus of this paper is not

only to improve the Korean language skills of married immigrant

women but also to establish a role as a parent and restore

self-esteem. A minor but serious problem in multicultural families lies

in ‘difference’. Children experience it from their peers at school, and

married immigrant women are hurt by their children's disregard for

differences. Therefore, in order to restore the self-esteem of children

of multicultural families and married immigrant women, they should

be able to actively participate in their children's school problems. In

this regard, if married immigrant women use Korean language

education as a textbook for their children, it is thought that they will

be able to recover not only Korean language skills but also their

authority as mothers.Journal of Korean Studies in Central Eurasia