The Ecological Role of Biodiversity for Crop Protection


in: Plant Competition in Cropping Systems, Daniel Dunea, Editor, Intechopen Limited, Londra, pp.9-22, 2018

  • Publication Type: Book Chapter / Chapter Vocational Book
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • Publisher: Intechopen Limited
  • City: Londra
  • Page Numbers: pp.9-22
  • Editors: Daniel Dunea, Editor


Agricultural system is a complex community sheltering different ecological units. The units of this complex structure are in balance with each other showing fluctuations to ensure effective regulations from time to time depending on the abundance of both undesirable and beneficial organisms. This balance is a major case for biological activity playing an important role to maintain biological diversity. Once this natural balance is impaired due to abiotic and biotic factors occurring in biosystems, the economic and environmental problems appear becoming significant for the economical dimension in agriculture. The most important components showing deficiencies in systemically agroecostructure problems result from soil fertility, pest and disease management. Large interactions, which are concomitantly persisting with biological processes, are on plant and animal biodiversity, which have been affected by miss-treatments in crop protection and plant nutrition. Hence, food-web and biodiversity are indirectly seriously damaged in nature, such as recycling of nutrients and changes of microclimate. In this chapter, we have discussed the major effects of crop protection on biodiversity in detail regarding the persistence of biodiversity that needs to be mediated, considering the preserving of  cological properties and sustainable maintenance of biological integrity in  agroecosystems.