Using visual art in product design and consumer responses: The moderating role of product type

Gürşen A. E., Özkan E., Bozbay Z.

Contemporary Management Research, vol.16, no.4, pp.229-254, 2020 (Scopus) identifier


This paper aims to determine the effects of using visual art in designing non-luxury products on consumers’ luxury perceptions, quality perceptions, and product evaluations. An experimental design was conducted to test these effects. Differences according to the product types (convenience vs. shopping) were also evaluated. The research sample consisted of young consumers. The data was collected from 400 university students via a face-to-face survey and analyzed by using two-way MANCOVA. Results demonstrate that using visual art in the non-luxury product design affects perceived quality, luxury perception, and product evaluation both independently and interacting with the product type. Besides, using visual art in the convenience product without technical details increases consumers’ positive evaluations. In this context, product type has a moderating role in the effects of using visual art on product evaluation. Accordingly, art infusion increases positive product evaluation for convenience products but decreases it for shopping products.