The results of the Trumpler 2 open cluster analyzed with Gaia DR3 data have been accepted for publication in the Physics and Astronomy Reports.

We present an investigation of the open cluster Trumpler 2 using Gaia DR3 photometric, astrometric and spectroscopic data. 92 stars were identified as likely members of the cluster, with membership probabilities greater than 0.5. The mean proper-motion components of the cluster are derived as (pmRA, pmDEC)=(1.494(0.004), -5.386(0.005)) mas/yr. By comparing the Gaia-based colour-magnitude diagram with the PARSEC isochrones scaled to z=0.0088, age, distance modulus and reddening are simultaneously estimated as t=110(10) Myr, DM=10.027(0.149) mag and E(G_BP-G_RP)=0.452(0.019) mag, respectively. The total mass of the cluster is estimated as 162 M/Mo based on the stars with membership probabilities P>0. The mass function slope is derived to be 1.33(0.13) for Trumpler 2. This value is in good agreement with that of Salpeter. Galactic orbit analyses show that the Trumpler 2 orbits in a boxy pattern outside the solar circle and belongs to the young thin-disc component of the Galaxy.