The results of the Berkeley 6 open cluster analyzed with Gaia DR3 data have been accepted for publication in the journal of Bitlis Eren University Science.

In this study, the structural and basic astrophysical parameters of the poorly studied open cluster Berkeley 6 are calculated. Analyses of the cluster are carried out using the third photometric, spectroscopic, and astrometric data release of Gaia (Gaia DR3). The membership probabilities of stars located in the direction of the cluster region are calculated by considering their astrometric data. Thus, we identified 119 physical members for Berkeley 6. The colour excess, distance, and age of the cluster are determined simultaneously on the colour-magnitude diagram. We fitted solar metallicity PARSEC isochrones to the colour-magnitude diagram by considering the most probable member stars and obtained E(G_BP-G_RP) colour excess as 0.918±0.145 mag. The distance and age of the cluster are determined as d=2625±337 pc and t=350±50 Myr, respectively