The study titled Astrophysical Parameters of NGC 2509 Open Cluster was published in the Sakarya University Journal of Science.

This study presents structural and fundamental astrophysical parameters of poorly studied open cluster NGC 2509. We used the third photometric and astrometric data release of the Gaia (Gaia DR3) to perform analyses. By taking into account the Gaia DR3 astrometric data, we calculated the membership probabilities of the stars in the region of NGC 2509. As a result of the membership analysis, 244 stars with membership probabilities $P\geq50$% were determined as the physical members of the cluster. The colour excess, distance and age were obtained simultaneously by fitting solar metallicity PARSEC isochrones to $G\times G_{\rm BP}-G_{\rm RP}$ colour-magnitude diagram. We considered the most likely cluster member stars during the fitting procedure and calculated the colour excess, distance and age of the NGC 2509 as $E(G_{\rm BP}-G_{\rm RP})=0.100\pm0.015$ mag, $d=2518\pm667$ pc and $t=1.5\pm 0.1$ Gyr, respectively.