ALTURFAN A. A. , EMEKLI-ALTURFAN E., Üstündağ Ü. V. , Oktay Ş., Karahan M., Batırel S., ...More

12u ISANH International Conference on Oxidative Stress, Redox States & Antioxidants, Paris, France, 3 - 04 June 2013, pp.41

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  • City: Paris
  • Country: France
  • Page Numbers: pp.41


Researches about artificial immunization systems are continuing thanks to the adjuvant effect which stimulates the immunity which is one of the most important feature of polyelecholytes. synthesis of polyelectrolytes, conjugate and complexes and examination of their biological effects are still being developed (1). polyoxidonium (po) is a highmolecular weight physiologically active compound and has been reported to have immunomodulating activity (2). Poly-N-isopropylacrylamide poly (NlPMm) with its reversible thermoresponsive solution behaviour in water has attracted interest in the last years (3). Aim of this study is to investigate the effects of polymer and melanoma peptide conjugates injection on the mouse renal oxidant antioxidant status. Polymer peptide conjugates are produced by the conjugation of synthetic polymers with synthetic peptides in the presence of ,'crosslinkers,'. Accordingly g weeks old Balb/c mouses weighing 28-32gr were obtained from TUBITAK Marmara Research center. Animals in each group (n=6) were injected with 0'5 ml of Po-peptide or PNIPAM-peptid comptexes ip (day 0 and day 2g) under ether anesthesia' At the end of 49 days rats were decapitated and renal malondialdehyde levels as an index of lipid peroxidation, reduced glutathione levels, catalase and superoxide dismutase activities are evaluated by the methods of Yagi (4), Beutler (5), Aebi (6) and Mylorie (7).Results are evaluated statisticallv,
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