Fashion Phenomenon in Postmodern Marketing Applications and Effects on the Marketing Components

Aksu M., Pektas G. Ö. , Eseoglu M.

7th International Strategic Management Conference, Paris, France, 30 June - 02 July 2011, vol.24 identifier identifier


One of the concepts with significant effects on the way of living of the consumers in their preferences of consumption in our times is fashion. Fashion is an important factor constituting an important portion of daily consumption decisions as well as being in the center of the daily events. Liberalization seen in the world in recent years and particularly falling apart of the USSR and the free market economy has enlarged the alternative markets in the international markets and the operations entered a ruthless competency with domestic and foreign competitors in their own markets and in foreign markets. Following this, the global markets and global competency was introduced. The economic changes appearing as a result of political changes and the particularly the stunning developments in the informatics technologies have revealed the need for radical changes in all the functions and the understanding of management of operations. In our study, the effects of the phenomenon of fashion in the marketing understanding and applications on the marketing components were investigated. In the application section, the project of Istanbul Shopping Fest aiming at making Istanbul a trading center as a global brand for European and Middle Asian countries in the first place and for other surrounding countries making use of not only the clothing and fashion products, but also the values other than clothing like food and cultural and touristic values. Organizations that implement this project within the scope of the Fest in Istanbul between March 18 and 26, 2011 include institutions and organizations like the Ministry of Culture; Turkish Airlines, TAV Operations Group, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport, Istanbul Trading Center (ITO), and Istanbul Provincial Governorship and big sponsors consisting of leading brands of Turkey like Turkcell, Sinpas and BKM (Inter-bank Card Center). Two hundred forty brands participate in the Istanbul Shopping Fest applications in-and outside 42 Shopping Centers in Istanbul. These brands are not only the brands of the textile sector; restaurants, cafes, and many other operations are also included in this festival. Furthermore, providing added value to the campaign as regards the tourism sector is aimed at through the tourists coming from abroad. In addition, interviews were made with various persons using the in-depth interview technique. In-depth interview with Ms. Nurten Kurt, deputy general director and one of the most important names of the project and details of the project were obtained. Questionnaire technique was not used. The reason for this is the in-depth evaluation of this project as regards marketing and taking the data of the BKM (Interbank Card Center) and the press and the material support of the citizens of Istanbul for the project as the subject matter of the application. All the Istanbul and the in-coming tourists and the rising credit card data show how successful is the project.