BOĞAZKÖY 4, A New Reading and Interpretation

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Peker H.

Nouvelles Assyriologiques Brèves et Utilitaires (N.A.B.U.), vol.2014, no.3, pp.111-112, 2014 (Non Peer-Reviewed Journal)


An Imperial Period graffiti on a sphinx at the Sphinx Gate of Hattusa was recently reevaluated by M. Alparslan (Alparslan apud Schachner 2013: 174 ff. and see its bibliography for the previous editions). I would like to add further comments and a different reading. An unknown king’s name (who would have been also a scribe) on a monument located in the very heart of the Hittite Kingdom is a problematic remark. A different interpretation in the light of the arrangement of the signs can be proposed.