Determination of Proximate Compositions and Sensory Assessments of Sturgeon (Acipenseridae) Species and Caviar

Maleki R. H., ŞENGÖR G. F.

The First International Fisheries Symposium in Northern Cyprus, Cyprus (Kktc), 1 - 04 March 2013, pp.115

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Full Text
  • Country: Cyprus (Kktc)
  • Page Numbers: pp.115
  • Istanbul University Affiliated: Yes


Various species of sturgeon and their caviar products have been consumed all over the world for centuries. The word caviar is used for the salted fish roe of all species of fish. But the most important caviar is obtained from the Acipenseridae family (Sturgeon). Products from other fish species such as “lumpfish caviar” and “capelin caviar” have to be labelled “imitation caviar”. The sturgeon species are classified according to Terofal into two families. These are Acipenseridae (Sturgeon)  and Polyodontidae (Paddlefish). Sturgeon caviar is of  high nutritional value and has the highest  price in the fish markets. Iranian sturgeon caviar is well known internationally and it is sold in markets all over the world. Iranian caviar production methods are discussed in this study too. There are four common types of sturgeon fish (A.guldenstaedii, H.huso, A.persicus, A.ruthenus) in Caspian Sea coastal waters near Iran.

In this study proximate compositions and  sensory specifications of two types of canned caviar, Sevruga (Acipenser guldenstaedii ) and Asetra (Acipenser stellatus) are determined by 8 experienced panelists. The sensorial panel attributes good qualities of taste, appearance, and texture to both types of canned caviar.

 The recearch shown proximate compositions of sturgeon  flesh and canned caviar are full of energy with large amounts of lipids and proteins. The   lipid,protein, ash and moisture of the sturgeon flesh   and canned caviars were found to be 17.8, 30.3, 1.0, 71.7 % for Sevruga flesh  and 15.6, 26.0, 1.2, 72.1 %  for Asetra flesh and 11.0, 14.3, 1.2, 52.0 % for Sevruga canned caviar and 9.5, 15.7,  1.6,  58.1 % for Asetra canned caviar, respectively.

Keywords: Iranian caviar, sturgeon, sensory analysis, proximate composition