Alginate/Polyoxyethylene and Alginate/Gelatin Hydrogels: Preparation, Characterization, and Application in Tissue Engineering

Aroguz A. Z., Baysal K., Adiguzel Z., Baysal B. M.

APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, vol.173, no.2, pp.433-448, 2014 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier identifier


Hydrogels are attractive biomaterials for three-dimensional cell culture and tissue engineering applications. The preparation of hydrogels using alginate and gelatin provides cross-linked hydrophilic polymers that can swell but do not dissolve in water. In this work, we first reinforced pure alginate by using polyoxyethylene as a supporting material. In an alginate/PEO sample that contains 20 % polyoxyethylene, we obtained a stable hydrogel for cell culture experiments. We also prepared a stable alginate/gelatin hydrogel by cross-linking a periodate-oxidized alginate with another functional component such as gelatin. The hydrogels were found to have a high fluid uptake. In this work, preparation, characterization, swelling, and surface properties of these scaffold materials were described. Lyophilized scaffolds obtained from hydrogels were used for cell viability experiments, and the results were presented in detail.