Evolution of Spin-Orbit Splitting with Valence Nucleon Number

Kusoglu A.

Presentation, pp.10, 2010

  • Publication Type: Other Publication / Presentation
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Page Numbers: pp.10
  • Istanbul University Affiliated: Yes


The contribution of the spin-orbit interaction to the mean nuclear potential and the evolution of the energy gaps of closed shells with increasing valence nucleon number and isospin are systematically investigated. The reduction of spin-orbit partners’ energy splitting is discussed with the increasing neutron diffuseness. The effect of tensor interaction on the spin-orbit reduction is evaluated for some special cases. Closed-shell energy gaps and spin-orbit splittings are derived from the effective single-particle energies. The effective single-particle energies are obtained by Hartree-Fock method utilizing a harmonic oscillator potential. The microscopic effective nucleon-nucleon interaction is assumed as zero-range, central Skyrme type effective force. The evolution of spin-orbit partners’ energy splitting with angular momentum is investigated for the isotopic chains of O, Si, Ca, Ni, Sr, Sn, Te, Ce elements. The calculated spin-orbit splittings are compared with the available experimental closed-shell energy gaps.