Determination of some tree parameters using terrestrial laser scanner in urban green areas

Akgul M., Yurtseven H., Akburak S., Coban S.

JOURNAL OF THE FACULTY OF FORESTRY-ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY, vol.66, no.2, pp.445-458, 2016 (ESCI) identifier


The aim of this study is to measure the parameters for modelling individual and street trees in urban areas using Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) data. Breast height diameter (d(1.30)), tree height, crown base height, distance between trees were measured in the roadside trees which are composed of Narrow-leaved ash (Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl.) in Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry Campus. In addition, tree zone models of the trees were formed in order to express development process of trees with time in an integrated way and to make connections among different parts of trees. As a result of measurements, d(1.30)valuesvaried between 24 cm and 45,6 cm both from ground measurement and TLS. Statistically there were not a significant difference between d(1.30) values, even though ground measurement values were higher than TLS measurements. According to regression analysis, a significant correlation was found between ground and TLS mesurements (R-2=0,971, p<0,05). Objective values were derived from TLS data related to tree crown forms, tree zone model and tree architecture. The ratio of static and dynamic mass of trees and their relations were showed on 3D tree models. 3D tree models and measurements on this models, which were carried out in this study, can be used in maintenance and pruning application of individual and forests of Urban areas.