A fourier-transform infrared and laser-Raman spectroscopic investigation of 4,4'-bipyridyl-transition metal(II) tetracyanonickelate clathrates

Akyuz S., Akyuz T., Davies J.

JOURNAL OF INCLUSION PHENOMENA AND MOLECULAR RECOGNITION IN CHEMISTRY, vol.26, pp.111-117, 1996 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


The FT-IR and Raman spectra are reported of M(4, 4'-bipyridyl)Ni(CN)(4) . nG (where M = Mn, Fe, Co, Cu or Zn and G = benzene or aniline; n = 0-2) clathrates. The host structure consists of a three-dimensional rigid lattice formed by infinite polymeric layers of {M-Ni(CN)(4)}(infinity) and 4, 4'-bipyridyl bridges between the metal (M) atoms of the adjacent polymeric layers. Bidentate 4, 4'-bipyridyl molecules are found to be centrosymmetric in the structure.