Metaphysics of Morality by Christopher Kulp (review)

Özaykal K.

Other, pp.844-846, 2020

  • Publication Type: Other Publication / Other
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • Page Numbers: pp.844-846


Metaphysics of Morality is an effort to layout the metaphysical features of our ordinary moral thought. The questions it answers are: What are the metaphysical commitments that our ordinary discourse on morality requires, and, given these commitments, why should the requisite metaphysics be deemed correct? The work of answering these questions progresses over six chapters in three discernable stages: first, a clarification of the necessity of a metaphysical foundation for morality; second, a technical explication of the various metaphysical features morality entails; and third, a gathering of these features into an integral body of thought.