ICON: Instagram Profile Classification Using Image and Natural Language Processing Methods

GÜVEN E. Y., BOYACI A., Saritemur F. N., Turk Z., Sutcu G., TURNA Ö. C.



The use of social media has grown significantly, and businesses are now using these platforms to promote their products and services. To do this, companies have created business accounts on social networks. However, social media platforms can also be a breeding ground for unwanted behaviors such as cyberbullying, sexual content, and promotional comments. To address this issue, a study was conducted to create a system that could classify public accounts on Instagram by analyzing comments, profile pictures, bios, and posts shared by users with business accounts. First, a crawler was developed, and data were collected using this crawler and then anonymized. Next, the collected data were processed using natural language processing (NLP) techniques for text and image processing methods for images to extract features and create a dataset. Nearly 10 000 profiles and 30 000 comments from public accounts were manually tagged to create the classification model. The final model had an accuracy rate of 95% on the dataset, allowing for the effective identification of different types of business accounts on Instagram.