Investigation of Nursing Student’s Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Their Profession During the COVID-19

Meşedüzü M., Tellioğlu H., Dursun Ş., Şeker S., Onar M., Ayaz S., ...More

CURARE-Journal of Nursing, vol.1, no.1, pp.23-28, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Objective: Due to COVID-19, it is thought that nursing students’ perceptions and attitudes toward the nursing profession have changed nowadays. Materials and Methods: To examine the perceptions and attitudes of nursing students to their profession during COVID-19. This study was performed based on a descriptive and cross-sectional design. The universe of the study was 226 nursing students who participated in the academic year of 2020-2021, and the study was applied to 191 nursing students who agreed to participate in the research at Bazmialem Vakif University in Istanbul. The Sociodemographic Characteristics Data Form and Attitude Scale for Nursing Profession were used to collect data.  Results: 58.1% of the students stated that they would like to work in the field as a nurse if they had graduated during the pandemic, and 41.9% of them did not want to work in this process. The rate of those who think that the COVID-19 process has negatively changed the idea of practicing their profession in the future is 11.5%, while the rate of those who think that it has not changed negatively was 88.5%. The students thought that nurses did not get the regard they deserved in this process was significantly higher (p=0.042). Conclusion: Findings highlighted the need to determine the students’s attitudes about their profession after the COVID-19 pandemic. Keywords: Nursing students, COVID-19, profession, attitude