A Novel String Distance Function based on Most Frequent K Characters

Seker Ş. E., Altun O., Ayan U., Mert C.

International Journal of Machine Learning and Computation (IJMLC), no.2, pp.177-183, 2014 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


This study aims to publish a novel similarity metric to increase the speed of comparison operations. Also the new metric is suitable for distance-based operations among strings. Most of the simple calculation methods, such as string length are fast to calculate but does not represent the string correctly. On the other hand the methods like keeping the histogram over all characters in the string are slower but good to represent the string characteristics in some areas, like natural language. We propose a new metric, easy to calculate and satisfactory for string comparison. Method is built on a hash function, which gets a string at any size and outputs the most frequent K characters with their frequencies. The outputs are open for comparison and our studies showed that the success rate is quite satisfactory for the text mining operations.