The Incidence of The Zygomatico-orbital Foramen and The Importance of Its Location in Surgical Approaches

Chatzioglou G. N., Coşkun O., Öztürk A., Kale A., Gayretli Ö.

MEDICAL RECORDS-International Medical Journal , vol.4, no.1, pp.49-54, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Abstract Aim:

The present study aimed to reveal the frequency of the zygomatico-orbital foramen (ZOF) in the zygomatic bone, its location, and its connection with the zygomaticofacial foramen (ZFF) and zygomaticotemporal foramen (ZTF).

Material and Method: Ethics committe eapproval of our study was received by the Istanbul Medical Faculty Clinical Research Ethics Committee. Fifty (27 right; 23 left) hemicraniums of Istanbul University, Department of Anatomy of unknown gender were included in the study. Connections with ZOF were determined by passing fine wire through ZTF and ZFF. The closest point of the ZOF to the orbital rim was measured. The distance from the area used for retrobulbar injections (defined as the point where the 1/3 inferolateral edge and 2/3 inferomedial edge of the aditus orbitalis intersect.) to the ZOF was measured. All measurements were measured with a digital caliper and the data were evaluated with SPSS v.21.

Results: The number of ZOF was found 46 (51.68%) on the right and 43 (48.32%) on the left side. ZOF, was found to be single in 18 (36%) orbits, double in 16 (32%) orbits, 3 (18%) in 9 orbits, and 4 (6%) in 3 orbits. ZOF was absent in 4 (8%) orbits. Of 89 ZOFs, 37 (20 right; 17 left) were found to be associated with (via a channel) ZFF and 16 (8 right; 8 left) with ZTF. It was noted that 36 (18 right; 18 left) ZOF had no connection with any foramina. The closest distance of ZOF to the orbital rim was 4.54±2.33 mm and the distance to the retrorobulbar injection area was 7.89±2.98 mm.

Conclusion: The location and variations of FZO may be helpful in preventing complications during retrobulbar injection, lateral orbitotomy approach for intraorbital tumors, and during surgical interventions such as repair of zygomatic fractures.

Keywords: Zygomatico-orbital foramen, zygomaticofacial foramen, zygomaticotemporal foramen, zygomatic bone, retrobulbar injection