Macroeconomics of Tourism and It's effects on the Global Economy (indexed in SSOAAR, Social Science Open Access Repository,Ukrainian National scientific repository, Russian Electronic Library eLibrary ru),Google Scholar.

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Balkanlı A. O.

National Economy University, Ukraine-Odessa Journal-Bultein, vol.256, no.4, pp.32-63, 2018 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


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Balkanli, Ali Osman. (2018), Macroeconomics of tourism and its effects on the global economy. Ed.: ?.D. Baldzhy (ed.-in-ch.) and others [Systema pensiinoho zabezpechennia Ukrainy ta yevrointehratsiini protsesy; za red.: ?. D. Baldzhy (gol. red.)], Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University (ISSN 2313-4569), Odessa National Economics University, Odessa, No. 4(256), pp. 32-63.


Countries want to accelerate their economic development based on production sectors which have their relatively strong production segments. The acceleration of economic development means that the national prosperity for the people increases. The increase in national prosperity is an economic indicator that cannot be opposed by anybody. The acceleration of economic development in the future means that the individuals of the country should be in better living conditions in future. At this point, the choice of critical sectors for economic growth is of great importance. And, when we look in this context, the tourism sector is important because it can provide potential development possibilities for the economies. However, the importance of tourism for economic development is not only related to being its forward and backward links in the economy but also it is related to being a way of opening of the economy outward. With this dimension it can be said that the tourism, through social-cultural interaction and economic-cultural interaction, enables the societies to connect economies to the outside world more easily and faster. At this point in this study, first, we examined the macroeconomic dimension of tourism and then focused on examining the effects of tourism on the socio-cultural interaction in support of global economic developments.


Tourism, Economic Growth, Balance of Payments, Globalisation, Convergence, Macro economics, International economic relations.

JEL classification: L 883

UD classification: 338.484.2

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