Incidence of &ITH . pylori&IT in the tonsillar specimens of the children with chronic tonsillitis with Giemsa stain

Kurt A., Demirtas R., Balta H., Erdogan Durmus S., Akarsu E.

IZMIR DR BEHCET UZ COCUK HASTANESI DERGISI, vol.8, no.1, pp.59-63, 2018 (ESCI) identifier identifier identifier


Objective: Although H . pylori (Hp) colonisation in the gastric tissue has been proven, Hp has been also reported to be seen in tonsillar and adenoid tissues. While its presence in the gastric tissue is effective in the development of gastritis, peptic ulcus and adenocarcinoma, it has been reported that its presence in tonsillar and adenoid tissue may be a precursor of malignant diseases such as MALT lymphoma. Therefore, we aimed to investigate the incidence of H . pylori in tonsillar tissue.& para;& para;Methods: The presence of H . pylori was investigated histochemically in the tonsillectomy materials of children and young patients who were diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis. Giemsa stain was applied to the tonsillar specimens examined in our hospital pathology laboratory between August 1, 2013 and August 1, 2017.& para;& para;Results: Sixty-eight patients aged between 1 and 18 years who were examined in the Department of Pathology of the Erzurum Regional Education and Research Hospital during the last 4 years were investigated. Of these, 28 (41.2%) were female and 40 (58.8%) were male. The mean age of all patients was 9 +/- 4.02 years. Giemsa staining was applied to the tissue specimens prepared from specimens, and examined under microscope to look for Hp. Hp was positive in tonsillar tissue specimens of 31 patients. H . pylori was detected in a single (n=13: 19.1%) or both tonsils (n=18: 26.5%). H . pylori was isolated from 12 (42.9%) tonsillectomy materials (unilateral, n=4: 14.3% and bilateral, n=8: 28.6%) of 28 female patients. H . pylori was seen in tonsillectomy materials of 19 (47.5%) of 40 male patients (unilateral, n=9: 22.5%, and bilateral, n=10: 25%).& para;& para;Conclusion: As a result, H . pylori was detected in 45.6% of all cases with a slight male predominance. Chi-square test was performed using SPSS 20.0. The presence of Hp was not found to be directly related to age and gender when the tonsillectomy materials of the patients with chronic tonsillitis in 1-18 age group were analyzed.