The Possibility of Language in the Determination of the Physical and Metaphysical Assets in the Context of the "wa-ma adraka" Expression in the Qur'an

Yuksek M. İ.



Since the concepts that do not exist in the mind cannot be named, it is essentially necessary to find the meaning during the coining. In this context, Qur'an describes itself as an obvious Arabic word, and it alludes to the fact that all the words in Qur'an are known to the first interlocutors. However, some of the words used in Qur'an, were accepted by the first interlocutors as the words coined to that of terms they did not even know. The questions in the form of (You do not know that.) in thirteen verses and the answers given to these questions in the following verses constitute the most vivid examples of relationship between signifier and signified and also between word and its meaning. It is a crucial issue to study on the meanings that do not exist in the human mind and cognitive experience through language. This issue at the final glance is related to the way of expressions in Qur'an and to the verses whose verity is only known by Allah. In this study, the questions in the form of and the answers have been analyzed and also the possibility of figure out the real meaning by the first interlocutors through these questions and answers has been determined. In this study, the fact that essence of these names belonging to metaphysics areas cannot be understood has been associated with the mutasabih verses and consequently categorical determinations have been included.