A Software Model for Parameters Affecting the Dimensions of Reinforced Concrete Prefabricated Facade Elements

Tosun M., Yaşa E.

Athens Journal of Technology and Engineering, vol.8, no.3, pp.259-282, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In this study, a model software of a computer program related to determining dimensional behavior, which will contribute to the multi-layered units used on the facade of industrial buildings to be standardized, has been prepared. By means of this model software, the factors determining the width (A), the height (h) and the section (d) of the units of a building facade, could be evaluated. These factors, at the same time, from the dimensions of building facade units providing “thermal insulation, sound insulation statically behavior and coordination dimension of facade unit.” In the program (named as MT2 Prefabrike), these four factors could be evaluated by providing the optimization in sequence and within themselves. Thus, by developing a new method of approach in the standardizing of facade units, apart from the visible characteristics of the units, the idea of standardizing the performance and behavior expected from the units, are put forward. In the model program formed with this idea, before producing of the facade units, the optimization is to be provided by analyzing the factors which are effective in giving dimension to the units, in abstract condition (computerized).