Soft spin-dipole resonances in 40Ca

Stuhl L., Krasznahorkay A., Csatlos M., Marketin T., Litvinova E., Adachi T., ...More

Rutherford Centennial Conference on Nuclear Physics, Manchester, United Kingdom, 8 - 12 August 2011, vol.381 identifier identifier


High resolution experimental data has been obtained for the Ca-40,Ca-42,Ca-44,Ca-48(He-3,t)Sc charge exchange reaction at 420 MeV beam energy, which favors the spin-isospin excitations. The measured angular distributions were analyzed for each state separately, and the relative spin dipole strength has been extracted for the first time. The low-lying spin-dipole strength distribution in Sc-40 shows some interesting periodic gross feature. It resembles to a soft, damped multi-phonon vibrational band with (h) over bar omega= 1.8 MeV, which might be associated to pairing vibrations around Ca-40.