Video Games Versus Business Education: An Introduction of Video Games to Business Education

İrengün O.

3 rd International Conference on Global Competition and Innovation Management (ICGCIM), İstanbul, Turkey, 16 - 18 September 2022

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Video Games Versus Business Education: An Introduction of Video Games to

Business Education

Oguzhan İrengun

Games are an essential part of civilization from the beginning of the culture. Not only

children, but also adults from all ages and social groups are playing games for fun, recreation

and socialization. Games like chess, backgammon and card games are mainly played by

adults. Nevertheless, sports like soccer, basketball etc are invented as games. Since the 1970s,

a new game type has became a part of our lives, Video Games.First the video games were

quite basic with low graphics and simplistic gameplay. With 1980s, arcade centers; personal

gaming consoles let the video games penetrate most of the daily lives of teenager and young

adults. With the appearance of realistic simulation games, the games began to deliver a

sandbox for the professionals from different disciplines.

Today the video games industry with online features become a multibillion giant. The Global

Mobile gaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 12% with revenue USD 44.64

billion by 2020-2024. While 700 million people were playing online games in 2013 , now

3.24 billion people are playing online games by 2021 statistics.The purpose of the study is to

discuss if video games can be integrated in to business education to develop critical business

skills such as decision making, team work, building strategy, learning from mistakes, risk

analysis, crisis management, communication and leadership.

Keyword/ Anahtar Kelimeler: Business Education, Video Games, Business skills

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