Dramaturji'de Yeni Açılımlar

Kalkan H.

Tiyatro Eleştirmenliği ve Dramaturji Bölümü Dergisi, no.1, pp.3-18, 2003 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The essay titled “New Avenues of Expansion in Dramaturgy Today” focuses on a new understanding of staging in contemporary performance arts, after providing a brief account of the way dramaturgy evolved through time. Hans-Thies Lehmann's analysis of works by many contemporary directors including Heiner Goebbels, Robert Wilson, Pina Bausch led him to observe a number of common characteristics among them, whereupon Lehmann came to suggest the new concept of Postdramatic Theatre. After introducing the criteria of postdramatic theatre which has been ushered in as a kind of guidelines for the theatre audience, the same criteria have been hereby applied to “Dumrul ile Azrail” (“Dumrul and Azrail”), a Turkish production brought onto the stage by Mustafa Avkıran. At the end of the essay, the implications of recent advances in performance arts and the new opportunities they suggest for dramaturgy are presented.