An integrative model of a methodological system of teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language to English-speaking applicants for higher medical education

Kushnır I.

TEACHING LANGUAGES AT HIGHER INSTITUTIONS, no.37, pp.36-51, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


For foreign medical students, their command of the Ukrainian language determines not only the process of socialization, integration of a communicative personality into the academic and socio-cultural environment, but also is a means of forming the skills of their professional communication as future specialists. The lack of an integral integrative system of teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language (UFL) to English-speaking academic contingent of foreign medical students causes disagreement between the tasks and content of language education, theory and practice of teaching UFL, as well as the lack of phasing and succession in the formation of the professional and communicative image of future foreign doctors, who receive higher education in Ukrainian medical universities in English. The author proposes an integrative model of the Ukrainian language teaching system for English-speaking applicants for higher medical education in Ukraine. The basis for the development of an integrative methodological system was the identification and analysis of the specific communicative needs of the English-speaking contingent of foreign students of Ukrainian medical universities, the characteristics of the methodological parameters for the implementation of urgent communication needs; systematic analysis of innovative development trends and structural and content features of the paradigm of language education, software and educational-methodological support of teaching UFL to foreign students in compliance with the requirements of the modern paradigm of language education; personal experience of teaching in an English-speaking foreign audience and the experience of the Language Training Department 1 of the Institute of International Education for Study and Research of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University in providing language education services to such a contingent of students.