Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ukrayna Diasporası: Dilsel Kimlik Sorunları

Fetsan T.

Mijnarodna Lingvistıchna Konferentsiya ‘’Makedonska Mova - Djerelo Naukovyh Doslidjen’’, vol.5, pp.265-270, 2023 (Conference Book)


UKRAİNİAN DİASPORA OF THE REPUBLİC OF TURKEY: PROBLEMS OF LİNGUİSTİC İDENTİFİCATİON Summary: The article is devoted to the problem of linguistic identification of the Ukrainian diaspora in the Republic of Turkey, because the diaspora is an important component of the state, its face in the world. Although the Ukrainian diaspora in Turkey is still quite young, the history of the Ukrainian presence in this country goes back more than a century. Diaspora Ukrainians seek to establish the social status of their language in the Turkish-speaking environment. Public, cultural, educational organizations and institutions are an important means of spreading and developing the language. They are called to create an environment for communication and adaptation of diasporans (and temporarily displaced persons due to the RussianUkrainian war) through the organization of Ukrainian Saturday schools, children's summer camps, art evenings, days of Ukrainian language and culture, etc. Ukrainian unions operating on the territory of the Republic of Turkey create bilingual educational, popular scientific publications, which promotes the popularization of the Ukrainian language not only among representatives of the diaspora, but also among Turkish citizens. These and other activities give the Ukrainian language a functional perspective in the near and distant future.