How to manage yacht tourism in Turkey: A swot analysis and related strategies


7th International Strategic Management Conference, Paris, Fransa, 30 Haziran - 02 Temmuz 2011, cilt.24 identifier identifier


The main object of this study is to present current situation and to analyze managerial conditions of yacht-tourism in Turkey by conducting a meta-analysis and qualitative view. Yacht tourism one of the most developing niche tourism sectors around the world. As one of most important tourism forms by creating higher revenues, providing sustainable development opportunities and ensuring product differentiation, yacht-tourism may be evaluated more strategic options for Turkish tourism. Turkey has greater potentials that can be used in yacht tourism as long coastline, natural beauties, and quality accommodations facilities. In order to assess all industrial conditions, yacht tourism has been taken in hand in a SWOT view. Depending upon SWOT outputs, some relevant strategies were discussed. Estimations were interpreted in the lights of a case study treated of applications and conditions in two marinas located in Istanbul.