Performance Analysis of Seaport Projects and Its Economic onribution For Countries Of Balkan Peninsula

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in: Balkan Studies IV, Yavuz N., Mladenovski G., Ekinci D., Qahili R., , Editor, Cyril And Southern Methodist University Press, Üsküp, pp.414-424, 2012

  • Publication Type: Book Chapter / Chapter Research Book
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Publisher: Cyril And Southern Methodist University Press
  • City: Üsküp
  • Page Numbers: pp.414-424
  • Editors: Yavuz N., Mladenovski G., Ekinci D., Qahili R., , Editor


Nowadays, sea transportation has an important place in logistic sector

and makes an important contribution to the economy of the countries. In Balkan

countries, sea transportation and correspondingly port construction are still developing.

As port construction projects are unique, construction techniques are

not widely known and there are limited numbers of companies competing with

each other, the performance of the duration and cost of the port construction

projects are significantly low. In sea transportation, having significant contribution

to the economy of the country, ports are of key importance. In this study, a

port construction project was examined throughout its construction period for

its activity. In these examinations, an activity based cost analysis was performed

by Earned Value Analysis (EVA), a method to measure the project management

performance, and finally by making suggestions for activities failing to satisfy

the necessary performance values, a significant contribution to the economies of

countries was made.

More than 90 % of all trade in the world is made through sea transportation.

Ability to transport significant amount of goods, being a lower cost and less

polluting method for transportation compared to others and having lower energy

consumption in terms of “passenger/km” and “tons/km” are significant advantages

of sea transport (Strategic Plan of The Maritime Affairs, 2009-2013)

Balkan Peninsula, one of the five major peninsulas in the Europe, has significant

properties by its geostrategic position between Central Europe and Mediterranean

Sea. The Balkan Peninsula has coasts on six different seas accounted in

the Mediterranean system. This condition not only emphasizes the multidimensional

position of Balkans in the Mediterranean strategy but also enlightens the

developments of Balkan countries in the fields of sea transportation and marine

(Eliçalışkan, 2007). Although its strategic and advantageous position, Balkan Peninsula

do not benefit the maritime sector sufficiently.