Strong gamma-ray emission from neutron unbound states populated in beta-decay: Impact on (n,gamma) cross-section estimates

Tain J. L. , Guadilla V., Valencia E., Algora A., Zakari-Issoufou A. -. , Rice S., ...Daha Fazla

International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology (ND), Bruges, Belçika, 11 - 16 Eylül 2016, cilt.146 identifier identifier


Total absorption gamma-ray spectroscopy is used to measure accurately the intensity of gamma emission from neutron-unbound states populated in the beta-decay of delayed-neutron emitters. From the comparison of this intensity with the intensity of neutron emission one can deduce information on the (n,gamma) cross section for unstable neutron-rich nuclei of interest in r process abundance calculations. A surprisingly large gamma branching was observed for a number of isotopes. The results are compared with Hauser-Feshbach calculations and discussed.