Factors influencing the implementation of green supply chain management: The case of Pakistan SMEs

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Naqvi F., Isac N., Badshah W.



The implementation of green supply chain management (GSCM) in developing countries is represented by less advanced economic growth than in industrialized countries. It is reasonable to presume that different nations may have different constructs influencing GSCM adoption. Even though, there is a gap in the literature regarding the execution of GSCM in developing nations like Pakistan. This demonstrates the necessity and importance of undertaking empirical research on the variables influencing GSCM adoption from the perspective of Pakistan small and medium enterprises (SMEs). To close the gap in GSCM research, this study tries to pinpoint the variables influencing GSCM adoption among Pakistan SMEs. SPSS software version 23 is used to apply statistical techniques to the primarily obtained data. The survey form was administrated to 600 target respondents from all administrative levels. There were 210 complete and usable survey forms, showing a response rate of around 35%. First, the reliability of all questions is checked; second, we use multiple regression analysis to identify which factors are affecting the implementation of green supply chain management in Pakistani SMEs. The findings suggest that environmental factors and organizational factors have a great influence on managers’ intention to adopt GSCM. Meanwhile, technological factors have no significant impact on managers’ intentions to adopt GSCM.