An Integrated Survey in Efficient Energy Management for WSN using Architecture approach

Norouzi A., SERTBAŞ A.

International Journal of Advanced Networking and Applications, vol.3, no.1, pp.968-977, 2011 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)



Wireless Sensor Network consist of large number of sensing devices, which are equipped with limited radio communication capabilities and limited computing which is used for many purposes in the present and the future. Clustering and routing in wireless sensor networks for the transfer of information from sensor nodes to base station are especially important. Energy is one the most important items to determine the network lifetime due to low power energy nodes included in the network. For improving this major parameter we have to design best network architecture and consider all impact components. In this article, firstly we discuss all important concepts in WSN architecture and the impact factors that effect in performance directly or indirectly, and then we focus to power management to find best design. Finally we propose a power usage model with considering these discussed impact factors.