Neuron Circuit Based on CCII-

BABACAN Y., YEŞİL A., Konal M., Kacar F.

22nd International Conference Electronics, Palang, Bangladesh, 18 - 20 June 2018 identifier identifier


Current-mode active components provide linearity, wider bandwidth, and low power dissipation. Current conveyors which are a type of current mode active elements find large application area in circuit designs. In this paper, we present a novel neuron circuit based on a negative-type second-generation current conveyor (CCII-). The circuit consists of only one CCII- and five MOS transistors and capable of generating fast-spiking firing behavior. Two transistors of them are used as capacitors in proposed neuron circuit. All simulation results are obtained as expected. The presented only-MOS based neuron circuit is compatible with VLSI systems.