Dilute III-V Nitride Semiconductors and Material Systems: Physics and Technology

Erol A.

Springer, London/Berlin , Berlin, 2008

  • Publication Type: Book / Research Book
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Publisher: Springer, London/Berlin 
  • City: Berlin
  • Istanbul University Affiliated: Yes


A major current challenge for semiconductor devices is to develop materials for the next generation of optical communication systems and solar power conversion applications. Recently, extensive research has revealed that an introduction of only a few percentages of nitrogen into III-V semiconductor lattice leads to a dramatic reduction of the bandgap. This discovery has opened the possibility of using these material systems for applications ranging from lasers to solar cells. Physics and Technology of Dilute III-V Nitride Semiconductors & Novel Dilute Nitride Material Systems review the current status of research and development in dilute III-V nitrides, with 24 chapters from prominent research groups covering recent progress in growth techniques, experimental characterization of band structure, defects carrier transport, transport properties, dynamic behavior of N atoms, device applications, modeling of device design, novel optoelectronic integrated circuits, and novel nitrogen-containing III-V materials.