Solenoid Development for an Emittance Transfer Experiment With a Design Environment System


IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY, vol.24, no.3, 2014 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Various solenoids must he developed fir different machines of the FAIR-Project. A solenoid design environment (SDE) has been developed to reduce expenditure of design time and work. The design environment is based on an Opera-2d input text file. Most significant physical and technical parameters of a solenoid are considered. Due to the axial symmetry, a two-dimensional solenoid model describes well the main characteristics of a real magnet. The first use of the SDE was the design of a solenoid for an emittance transfer experiment at GSI. The 36 cm long magnet creates a flux density of 1 Tesla at the center. The coil of the solenoid is separated in two halves to allow placing a movable stripping foil on the beam axis. Nevertheless, the magnet design avoids a local flux minimum in the center, since it might act as a trap of electrons. Creating a SDE and a solenoid with this tool takes a little more manpower than designing one solenoid without environment system. But in the future the SDE will help to decrease development time significantly.