Potential Use of the Miracle Tree (Moringa oleifera) Leaves in Aquaculture: A Recent Update

Momin M., Memiş D.

AQUATIC SCIENCES and ENGINEERING, vol.38, no.2, pp.122-130, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


The superfood Moringa oleifera leaves are an alternative food source for human nutrition and ani- mal feeds in different countries. This highly nutritious plant has several medicinal uses as well. Abundant vitamins and minerals make this plant a source of curiosity to underdeveloped and de- veloping countries to meet the requirements of nutrients. Higher crude protein levels in moringa leaves have become popular as alternative feed sources for animals. Moreover, the leaf contains a rich amount of macro and micronutrients such as minerals and vitamins. It is also popular in some countries for its aphrodisiac use. Moringa leaves are used in the diet as a supplement to enhance growth and reproductive performance in animals, including fish. These leaves have been used in diets to replace fishmeal, soybean, and other plant-based meal sources. The antibacterial proper- ties of the leaves are functional as a way of lessening the spread of diseases and as an immunity booster in aquaculture. According to the literature surveyed, moringa leaves can be utilized in the diet at 10-30% in omnivore and herbivore fish and 10-20% in carnivore fish without adverse effects. In this review, we discuss the utilization of supplemented moringa leaves and their effect on the growth and reproduction of fish. We also discuss how these leaves affect the hematological and physiological performance of fish.