Summation Calculations for Reactor Antineutrino Spectra, Decay Heat and Delayed Neutron Fractions Involving New TAGS Data and Evaluated Databases

Estienne M., Fallot M., Giot L., Guadilla-Gomez V., Le Meur L., Porta A., ...More

5th International Workshop on Nuclear Data Evaluation for Reactor Applications (WONDER), Aix-en-Provence, France, 8 - 12 October 2018, vol.211 identifier


Three observables of interest for present and future reactors depend on the beta decay properties of the fission products: antineutrinos from reactors, the reactor decay heat and delayed neutron emission. In these proceedings, we present new results from summation calculations of the first two quantities quoted above, performed with evolved independent yields coupled with fission product decay data, from various nuclear data bases or models. New TAGS results from the latest experiment of the TAGS collaboration at the JYFL facility of Jyvaskyla will be displayed as well as their impact on the antineutrino spectra and the decay heat associated to fission pulses of the main actinides.