Neuroprotective Effects of Melatonin and Omega-3 on the Central Nervous System Exposed to

Yurt K., Kıvrak E. G. , Altun G., AKTAŞ A. , Kaplan A. A. , Süleyman K.

in: Omega Fatty Acids in Brain and Neurological Health, Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy, Editor, Academic Press , Burlington, pp.161-191, 2019

  • Publication Type: Book Chapter / Chapter Vocational Book
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • Publisher: Academic Press
  • City: Burlington
  • Page Numbers: pp.161-191
  • Editors: Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy, Editor


Convincing experimental evidence shows that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have harmful effects on biological systems. In the prenatal period, the embryo and the fetus are highly sensitive to external factors. It is essential to understand the cellular and genomic changes that occur in the nervous system following exposure to EMF emitted from mobile phones. The effects of EMF exposure in the fetal period can vary, but may involve cognitive function, memory impairment, and DNA damage in neuronal tissue. Melatonin is a powerful free-radical scavenger capable of directly reducing ROS concentrations and of preventing the depletion of endogenous antioxidant enzymes. ω-3 can also protect the fetal brain exposed to EMF.

In this chapter, we briefly summarize the harmful effects of EMF on living organisms at the cellular and genomic levels. We also discuss the activity of melatonin and ω-3 against the deleterious effects induced by EMF in the central nervous system.