Separation of Penicillin G from Fermentation Broth Using N,N-Dioctyloctan-1-amine Extractant in Different Diluents

Uslu H., Gunyeli S., Ilbay Z., Kirbaslar S. I.

SEPARATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, vol.50, no.9, pp.1353-1359, 2015 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


The extraction of penicillin G was investigated using N,N-Dioctyloctan-1-amine (TOA) with different diluents having distinct functional groups. Nine diluents were used in the study, namely, octan-1-ol, nonan-1-ol, isoamyl alcohol, ethyl ethanoate, propyl ethanoate, methyl iso butyl ketone(MIBK), octan-2-one, octane, and decane. The measurements were performed at a temperature of 298.2 K. The experimental results of batch extractions were used to calculate distribution coefficients (K-D), loading factors (Z), and extraction efficiency (E). The highest distribution coefficient (K-D = 5.79) was obtained with isoamyl alcohol, and its extraction efficiency was 85.27%. Further, the highest loading factor was reached to a value of 0.130 at 0.374 amine concentration. Overloading was not observed at any amine concentration. Solvatochromic model (Linear solvation Energy Relationship (LSER)) for data which obtained from alcohols experiments gives the good results as near as same to experimental results. Suitability of data between experiments and model predictions have been tested with root main square deviation (RMSD) with 0.99.