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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Science, Depertment Of Biology, Biotechnology Division
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Ahmet Arıhan Erözden is a biologist and nature enthusiast. He completed his undergraduate education at Istanbul University, Department of Biology and graduated with high honors. Since the beginning of his educational career, he has been involved in a variety of numerous scientific projects and activities, both voluntarily and formally. He is also one of the first board members of the Biological Sciences Club, which operates within the Department of Biology, where he served as the founding Coordinator of the Media and Communications Division. He completed his master's degree in the Zoology Division and gained expertise in biology with his thesis on the desiccation tolerance of benthic invertebrates. After receiving his MSc, his working methods and goals shifted into a new perspective and he started his ongoing doctoral education in the Biotechnology Division, where he also works as a research assistant. On the one hand, he investigates new ways to apply existing knowledge for the advancement of biology and human benefits, and on the other, he continues his in-field development and is involved in various national and international ideas and projects in this context.


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