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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Science, Depertment Of Biology, Biotechnology Division
Research Areas: Food Biotechnology, Biotechnology, Microbial Biotechnology, Environmental Biology, Animal Diversity, Animal Ecology, Systematic Zoology







Ahmet Arıhan Erözden is a biologist and a nature enthusiast. He completed his undergraduate course at İstanbul University, Department of Biology and graduated with a high honor degree. He completed and partook in various academic projects and activities since he was a freshman. Highlights from these projects and activities include; founding the Biological Sciences Club of the department and organizing scientific events, working as a researcher in the BAP project "A taxonomical study on the museum pest insects collected from Zoology Museum of Istanbul University" and making contributions to the studies in ISTF Herbarium, ecological studies of the Botany Division and biodiversity studies of the Zoology Division. He continues his academic development as a Master's student in Zoology Division and studies ecological properties of macrobenthic invertebrates. Recently, his study methods and goals have shifted into a new perspective. He is currently working as a research assistant in Biotechnology Division of Biology Department, exploring new ways to apply his knowledge for the betterment of the future of biology and human benefits. These applications include Food Biotechnology or Envrionmental Biotechnology. With this perspective, he is busy on various ideas and projects, one of which being an Erasmus+ project focused on the application of biological sciences for environmental problems with the name "Green All Together".


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