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Prof. Dr. Ekrem Aydıner graduated from Ankara University Physics Department. He completed his doctorate at the Physics Department of Çukurova University. He worked in distinguished universities and research institutes such as Çukurova University, Feza Gürsey Institute, Dokuz Eylül University and Istanbul University. He participated in researches at various universities abroad.

He continues his research in the fields of Particle Physics, Cosmology, Complex Systems, Brain Dynamics, Modeling of Psychiatric Diseases, Epilepsy, Quantum Technologies, Chaos Theory, Phase Transitions, Physics of Economics, Socio-Physics, Modeling of Biological Systems, Low-Temperature Physics and Condensed Matter Physics.

Professor Aydıner, who has pioneered and world-renowned in his field, proposed the alternative cosmology theory known as the Chaotic Universe Theory in 2018. The theory he proposed has sparked widespread interest all over the world. His article, in which he laid the foundations of the Chaotic Universe Theory, became the second most read physics article in the world in 2019. The interest in this article, which has received 20 thousand readings so far, is increasing.

He pioneered the organization of the High Energy Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology Workshop and the Istanbul Condensed Matter Physics Meeting.

Aydıner, who graduated with about 30 graduate students, taught over 50 different courses. He has published articles in over 60 highly reputable SCI journals, most of them single-author. He founded the Turkish Physics Society, which has 20 thousand members on Facebook.

He is a referee for many prestigious SCI journals such as Nature, Physical Review Letters, PRA, PRD, PRE, PRX, presearch, Physica A, QINP, EPJC, PLA, PLB, so on.

Professor Aydıner, honored with the Sedat Simavi Award given to distinguished scientists in our country; He continues his research as a faculty member in the Physics Department of Istanbul University.

Prof Aydıner has recently focused on the Chaotic Universe Theory, on the origin of the matter, on Matter antimatter asymmetry, on the cosmic evolution of the Universe.

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